Sarung Tangan Rubber Karet Tahan Kimia Nitril RNF 15 Nitrile #Jual Alat Pelindung Diri APD Alat Keselamatan Kerja K3

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Sarung Tangan Rubberex Super Nitrile RNF 15.

[ Sarung Tangan Nitrile M, L ]

Ukuran Tersedia : M, L

Panjang : ±13 inch atau ±33 cm


Complies To EN 374-1 : 1994 AS Per Directive 89-686-EEC.
CE 0321.

Soft Cotton Flocklined
Solvent Resistant Gloves.
Durable. Hardened Shell.

ISO 9001 Quality System.
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Comply to:
Part 177-2600
For Food Contact Use.

Super Nitrile is made from advance Dipping Technology which features a high Grade 100%.
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber, with improve resistance to Solvents.
Super Nitrile has better resistance against certain acid, solvents and alkalis and provides your hand with a better shield of protection.
Super Nitrile are also resistant to animal fats and vegetable oils and strong cleaning detergents.

The special features of Super Nitrile includes:

New improved synthetic rubber formulation increases hand protection.

Electro Static Lining Technology result in soft silky cotton lining.

Longer Length
Longer length gloves for better hand protection.

Hardened Shell
Thoroughl cleansed chemically for durability,better hygiene and dust free.

Automobelle,Chemical,Agricultural,Food Service & Processing,Pharmaceutical Industries.

Glove Care
Clean dirty gloves witch lukewarm mild soapy water.Avoid agressive chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools.Air Dry in temperatures below 40 C Centigrade.

Store in a dark and dry environment.

Replace and avoid using damaged gloves.Select suitable gloves for actual working conditions.Disposal witch household waste or according to the requirements for the particular chemicals.

EN388-Mechanical Resistance Test Result
4 – Abrasion (min.0, max.4)
0 – Blade Cut (min. 0, max.5)
0 – Tear (min. 0, max.5)
2 – Puncture (min. 0, max.4)

EN374-Part 3, Chemical Permeation Test Result :
50% Sodium Hydroxide Level 6
Methanol Level 2
Heptane Level 6

EN374-Part 2 , Penetration Resistance Against Chemicals and Micro Organisms Test :

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